Monday, September 23, 2013

What a crazy week

This last week was one of the most frantic weeks we have had! We have been running around going crazy trying to save the baptisms that we had planned for the 28th. Of the four of them, only one will be getting baptized as far as it looks right now. That is Jesús Regulez. Which, of all of them was the least likely haha. But basically what he told us was, "Why wait?" So now we are just hoping that his mom Magdalena decides to follow him, and do it the same day as him when he has his interview.

Although our goal for baptism for the 28th won't be reached, we definitely have investigators who are prepared to take that step. Our focus now is to help them fight the temptations that Satan throws at them, and the trials of their faith. We are super concerned for them all and that they recognize the spirit through all the confusion. Gricelda and Mia definitely need that spirit through the difficult decisions of divorce. Soon though, they will all be baptized.

Other than those four we also had a great week. We have a new investigator named Erica who is living with a returning less active. She is super interested. Baptism is definitely in their future, yet we are letting them make the decision right now to either live in separate places or get married before we can actually decide a specific date to do it. Travis barely knows any spanish, and Erica barely knows English, but somehow they met and care a lot about each other. We are very excited for them.

One of my favorite studies this week was in Mormon 9. I love this chapter! God is a god of miracles! I believe that in verses 27-29 it describes the gospel so well. It doesn't necessarily say faith, repentance, baptism, and the holy ghost. But as you doubt not, and be believing, you exercise your faith. You come to the lord with all your heart to work out your salvation through repentance. And the key word is work. We must act. We are not saved without works. And then be worthy and be baptized. And if we continue to be worthy and take the sacrament, then "ye will in nowise be cast out." The way has been spelt out for us. It gives me so much comfort to read the scriptures and see what I teach every day. It gives me a new "friend" as elder Scott describes.

I love you all so much! Find friends in the scriptures! You all amaze me so much with your fidelity to what you know is true, in such an astoundingly corrupt world. I hope you all have an amazing week!

Elder Johnson

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