Monday, November 25, 2013


Wow change can catch you in your blindspot! The beginning of this week threw a huge curveball at me. Elder Sullivan got transferred like we knew already, but then I didn't realize how hard planning and teaching someone the area was going to be! I had to plan by myself effective plans that would help us to continue progressing in this area. What made it difficult was that all of this week was practically empty. We did not have appointments set up. Those first few days were crazy. And those first few days I think I learned some of the most important things in my mission so far. I feel so humbled to be given control over an area of the lord's vineyard, to find, teach, baptize, and establish the church. I honestly don't know how to describe the feelings that I had those first few days. I've been forced to think, act, and exercise faith in different ways. And every single one of those things has changed me for the better.

Oh yeah by the way my new companions name is Elder Tingey! He is awesome!! He has been out for 7 months. He is super fun and has great music! That's always a plus, since I have limited resources on that haha. Sadly we honestly have not taken a good picture together haha. But! I'll put the lousy one up that we took haha. He has been learning the area super well, and we've been getting some great work done. We set a baptismal date with Gloria!! I don't know if I said that we had gotten up with her again after moving, but yeah. She came to church and we have taught her several times since. We've got a game plan for the 14th! Hopefully we can reach it! I know that we can. :)

We have also been able to work well with Melquiades. He is the cousin of Jesus Regules. He lives with Magdalena and Jesus, and he is in his 20's. He has come 2 weeks in a row to church and has shown such great desires to change! He accepted baptism and we'll see how he does with coffee these next few days and then set a date!

Travis and Erika are now getting married the 28th of december it looks like. When I found out my heart sunk! I really want to be here for their baptism, and it's possible that I'll leave right after that from this area! But if they accept to live separately right now till they get married then it is possible! They continue to do well. And what's even better is that I am currently teaching her sister Carola who lives in Mexico on facebook! She is super interested and we have had some great lessons! Hopefully soon we can get her in touch with missionaries there!

I love being on a mission. I honestly can't remember what it felt like to not be a missionary. Elder Graham said it amazingly (new district leader), that if someone is working, you have to go to where they are working to be close to them. The lord is working in his vineyard and if we want to be close to him we must join him in the work of salvation.

Please pray for Gloria, Melquiades, Magdalena, Jesus, Eli, Erika and Travis. And Sister Lasson, Reid, Sanchez, and Corey! The missionaries serving in our home area!

I came to love the verses 2 Nephi 9:21-26 this week. Christ truly paid for everything so that we could repent and believe in him.

I love yall so much! Have an amazing week!
Elder Johnson

ps. This was the unexpected visitor last night! I turned on the lights and was about to sit on my bed when I realized there was a cat underneath me!!

pps. oh and Elder Tingey is right above me, not the red head, the bald one haha ;)


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