Monday, December 22, 2014


Well well well. This seems to have been the week that everyone in the United States decided to get sick! We have an average of about 75 lessons as a district a week, and this week we hit 41. Of those 41, we had two! WHAT?? On Monday we had no luck with the plans we had, and Tuesday we had a special Christmas Zone Conference with three zones combined. That was really fun! We had our normal conference that morning and then after lunch we had musical performances. Let's just say that I really really miss good music... But ours went really well! Elder Boekweg, Elder Swinney, Sister Sonksen, and I sang it came upon a midnight clear a capella. The arrangement we put together sounded really good! (Who sang what and when, not actual arranging of the music itself)

But...after the conference we all got sick. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get three zones all together in close proximity...
We have an elder and a sister with Strep, a sister who's under the weather, Elder Swinney may have the flu, and I am working hard to avoid it all but it doesn't seem to be working all the way. Still no sore throat though. That's the good thing.

Other than that there was only two other things that happened this week since we haven't done anything with investigators this week. A funeral and a Christmas party!

First the Funeral. 
On Saturday we went to the funeral of a family member of a recent convert. It was a black southern baptist congregation. This is the second time that I have gone to a funeral in a church like that. Boy is it different! It's preaching mingled with song. The songs though were amazing!!! We can all learn from the passion and glory that they give through song. I'll tell you what. We need that culture in the church more.

Second the Party. 
We had a very successful Christmas party! We had a great turnout! There were several non-members there and some great potential for teaching them! But the greatest part of it all is one came to church. Everyone was sick!!! The church was practically empty! We got to the church late and were told before even going through the door to go back home and sleep haha. So we have been doing so. 

What to take away from the week? We are the Lord's servants. And through the ups and downs we must serve him. Nothing else will bring us greater pleasure. Taking a rest from work, and taking a rest from your commitment are two different things. Stay committed to the Lord!

I love y'all!

√Člder Johnson

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