Monday, February 23, 2015


All of my dreams have come true!! I'm going to Raleigh to be a district leader!! After being in the country for the past 6 months, this is going to be weird! And one of the things I am most excited about is the fact that I will be in an area with half bikes. I have been driving ever since my third transfer in the mission, and I am ready to get on the bikes again! And I am not going to miss the hour drives to any meeting we go to out here in the country. :)

But! I am going to miss it here in Wallace! The people in the country are great! I didn't even realize how much I love them all until I had to say goodbye to most of them on Sunday. What I also don't want to leave behind is simply all the people we have been able to work with here. We and the Sisters each had four investigators at church!! :D 

The big news is that the Verdin's got married on Saturday! They didn't tell us till the day before. They will still have a big reception on the 28th of March though. And what's better is that they set a baptismal date for the 11th of April! Wahoo!!! Man I wish I were able to be here for that.

Yuni is still doing really well, and I really hope that she can work things out to get baptized soon. I'll miss her and Elvis a lot as well.

Another thing that happened this last week while I was on exchanges with Elder Wilkinson, an assistant to the president, is we found four new investigators who all accepted baptism!! Holy Cow!! I am super excited for Elder Swinney and Elder Bowie to teach them!

I am so grateful for the Spirit. When we are doing the best we can to follow the Lord's will, and to invite the spirit into our lives, he will guide us and he will allow us to be part of the many tender mercies that surround us. We were able to see so many this last week. I am amazed every time that someone seeks counsel from a 19 and 20 year old, when they themselves have grandchildren our age. And even more amazed and grateful for the words that the spirit gives us to bless their lives. 

Here are some great pictures from this last week! If you have never experienced freezing rain, it is soooo gorgeous! And these pictures don't do it justice!

I love y'all a ton!

√Člder Johnson
Freezing Rain


 The District!

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