Monday, December 16, 2013

La Navidad!!

This week has been an amazing week! I may not be the best at taking pictures of all the fun that we have, but others are! I hope that y'all got the pictures of the nativity that we were part of. If not, I'm going to attach them. But starting off with that, that was definitely a highlight of our week. On thursday, friday, and saturday the Apex stake put on a nativity display. They had the gym full of 950 different nativities from 80 countries! It was amazing! While people roamed there were performances from local choirs and schools at the front on the stand and as well on the stage. Obviously switching off. We had the opportunity to be in the live nativity outside as we greeted! We had a turnout of about 3500 people over the three days! The best part was we saw an old investigator there that we talked to! Hopefully getting into the building, and being across the parking lot from the temple made an impression. :)

This week we were able to meet with a lot of the less actives that we had not met yet in the branch. We have had some great success with that. Elder Tingey and I prayed a few days ago about which of all of these members know an elect family, and we had several come to mind. We are praying super hard to be able to find an elect family this week! We have seen so many blessings in the lives of those that bring their whole family to the gospel. There is a different understanding of the gospel that they bring as they share the gospel to each other.

I love this area! I am sooo excited to be here with such an amazing branch in such a special time! Sorry this is so short today! I hope y'all have an amazing week! Don't forget to truly talk to your friends, member or non-member, about what Christmas is all about. I loved the story of John from elder Nelson. :) This has to be the greatest topic of all time.

I love you all so much! Hasta "Christmas Adam!" ;)

Élder Johnson

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