Monday, January 13, 2014

Amazing week!

This week was an amazing week! We have been seeing incredible progress in our branch and in our area. We are trying to take a little bit different approach with Gloria right now, since she is doing just about everything to be progressing but still doesn't know when she wants to be baptized and commits herself to other things before the gospel. Basically we aren't talking about baptism haha. We're sending the members to visit or talk to her, to try to help her feel like she truly belongs. We are praying super hard for her trying to exercise such great faith! Please pray for her still! :D

Erika is still on track, but we still don't know when! Everyone in the branch gets surprised when we say that she's still not baptized. Something is keeping her from moving forward to what she truly wants.

We were able to teach a whole lot of lessons this week that went super well! Thanks to Facebook, blogs, excellent referrals, and members!

Sorry this was so short! But nonetheless I love y'all a ton! I am super excited for the wedding this week! I can't wait for the pictures! I pray for y'all and hope that everyone heals well from their wounds!

Les quiero muchísimo,
Élder Johnson

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