Monday, January 6, 2014


"Así también la fe, si no tiene obras, es muerta en sí misma." Santiago 2:17 (James 2:17)

Faith! I can honestly tell you that this week had all to do about faith! We were given a talk to read by Gene R. Cook, given Nov 8, 1981 (I think that's the one mom), called Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I would encourage each one of you to read it. I am starting up another blog for the mission, and I will post it there. I don't have my url yet, so keep tuned to facebook for that link. Please follow it and share it with others! :D

This talk gives some absolutely amazing counsel for us. I have always had questions about how to fulfill our righteous desires, seeing that they will be fulfilled as we have faith and are obedient. Yet I still wanted to know how to define a righteous desire. I would propose that as you read this talk, you will understand better how to purify your desires, yourself, and your faith.
We have been seeing so many miracles in our zone as we have put this into effect! Right now we are praying and fasting for Gloria and Erika to have a change in desires to have that eagerness to not wait for their baptism. As promised to us by our mission president, that can happen this week. Please pray for them!

Our other investigators weren't able to come to church, and are going through a very difficult situation with a deportation on the line. Please pray for Lorenzo and his family Ivonne and Abbi that they might be able to receive baptism in the time and place the lord has set for them!
At that you have our week! I'm super excited for this month! And it has nothing to do with the fact that we already have the whole month save 8 days set up for dinners... :D

I was asked by some about my new years resolutions haha. These most definitely have been some of the greatest resolutions ever! I find that as I spend time each day in preach my gospel studying one specific principle of the gospel, whether it be God is our loving Heavenly Father, or the creation, I learn something every single time that clarifies what the gospel is. My resolution this year is to become a preach my gospel missionary by studying one principle every day, to gain a more pure knowledge and understanding of the gospel, and how to help others to understand and receive it.

I love this work! It is amazing how much the Lord's hand is in everyone's life. I pray to be able to become more worthy to be a part of that influence in the lives that I touch.

Have an amazing week!
Élder Johnson

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