Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey again!

Well I talked to most of y'all yesterday haha, but hey again! I hope you enjoy the great pictures of my haircut! :D I also will send some pictures in this of the meeting with Elder Anderson. It was awesome to see Adam and Alicia there! Not to mention Elder Whatcott, Elder Hardy, and Sister Eastwood who all graduated with me! Sadly we didn't get that picture though.

But this week was a fantastic week! I'm super happy to be here another transfer with Elder Swinney! We have been able to make some great progress with our investigators this week. Sadly none come to church still! But! That will be fixed. Karina and Zulma are very excited to come to church and to be baptized, so eventually it will work out. 

Karina and Zulma really are some of the greatest people ever. The first time we taught them they were so quiet! Now they read everything that we leave with them, and ask such inspired questions! They are an awesome miracle.

Two new investigators from this week are Nancy and Andres. They are girlfriend and boyfriend, and the more we talk to them, the more elect they seem. We have been trying to talk to them for the past two months haha. We finally were able to actually teach them, and they really liked what we talked about! So we'll see where that goes. We get some pretty good tamales from her. :D

I love yall so much! It was so good to talk to yall yesterday and I hope this week is amazing!
Elder Johnson

Here's a few more pics...

Adam Hall, me, and Alicia Heninger. All from the same ward!
I admit, we look pretty awkward, but good :)

One last shot with "our dad"

And yeah.. :)

The "haircut"
I am not happy!

The "fix-up"
This is what happened to the back. Another elder was going to fix it with my electric shaver (a beard trimmer that has guards. It's a hammy down from an elder). So, using the largest guard, he was thinking that it would be fairly long. And he went for it! Haha! He made one swipe and went, uh-oh! We have been laughing the past week and a half about it. :D

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