Monday, May 19, 2014


This last week was super great! We have been seeing some great progress in our investigators and really their situations. It's interesting to note though that in order to truly help someone to make the covenant of Baptism, they need to be ready, and we are not perfect at doing that. But through the lord we can be guided to do what is needed to help them. So this week has been a week of true progression by figuring out what our investigators truly need.

The Hernandez family is doing well, but we are at a standstill to try to figure out what they really need right now. I'll let you know how they are doing as we keep working with them. The key that we are trying to find is family support.

David is still working with us to stop drinking, and each day brings a new challenge for him. But he is going for it! Keep praying for him! I'll let you know more as he keeps going as well. :)

Karina and Zulma are the best! We are trying to get husband support for them both as well. They love learning and studying about the gospel! And we love that they love to do that! They take studying to heart instead of just trusting us. And their testimonies are so strong of the book of Mormon!

Now this week we had an incredible miracle. We have been struggling for so long to get an investigator to church! And on Friday all of our plans and backup plans fell through in the first hour and a half. We really didn't know what to do. Then Elder Swinney said, "well last night I had a blue trailer come to my mind.." uh... ok. Where to go? Well we went to one of our three famous trailer parks (our 2nd home), and went to try a potential. We passed a bright blue trailer! We both knew it had to be it! We stopped by and said hi to the kids who were playing outside, and they went to go get there dad. He gave the typical answer to them to tell us he was busy. We were awkwardly standing only 15 feet away from them as he hid behind a tree and his animals. But we decided to yell out "buenas tardes hermano!" anyways! He peaked out, and came and talked to us. He was super duper nice! And it turns out he has met with missionaries before and really liked it! He was super excited that it was missionaries and wanted to come to church!

Now that's where we said, "well awesome, that'll be great to get him out to church after a few times of teaching him." But! He came to church two days later, and took a member home after church! Miracle!!! We were sooo excited!

I know that the Lord will work through us to touch the lives of those around us if we will simply listen, and write down what he tells us, even if it is a blue trailer!
I love you all! I hope that you have a great week, and truly don't forget to include the spirit in your week!
Elder Johnson

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