Monday, August 25, 2014


Teresa's baptism this Saturday went so well! Halleluiah! We were looking back on her teaching record, and one year ago from the 23rd she had told the missionaries that she didn't want to get baptized anymore. But she made it this time! She was really nervous (because of the water) but after several tries and loving patience from everyone there, she was able to do it. The spirit was soo strong. I feel like it was the most special baptismal service that I have had on my mission. 
Now there are a few other factors to that as well that made it such a great baptismal service. Marisol and Jorge were there! Yeah! Marisol sat with a member and talked to her the whole evening. That was icing on the cake. Or in our case, brownies. That's what we made Teresa 555. (Clint that is specifically for you...ask him what it means.)
The other thing that made the baptismal service so great was that there was so much member support. Teresa is going to do well here. And we are so happy for her. :)
One of the great things that happened as well this week was that we had a great English class after the baptism. Marisol, brother Lopez (WML), and Guadalupe and Armando (Teresa's parents) all stayed for the class. Then out of nowhere Hermano Garcia comes with three cousins! We had a great class. We had such a great time teaching! It amazes me how much the principles of Preach My Gospel are not just for the lessons. They are for all circumstances of teaching and life!
Now here is the sad part. I am leaving Henderson. I leave the 9th of September. The week before Jorge is supposed to get baptized! And we are trying to set a date with Marisol this week as well, which I am afraid will be the same day! I am so sad to leave this area! But I am very comforted because I know that Marisol and Jorge have testimonies of the Gospel and know how to keep progressing. I am excited to see how they progress in the future months and years.
Now here's the exciting thing. I have been called to be a District Leader! I don't know where I will be serving, but there aren't many options when it comes to spanish District leaders. Who knows! I could go back to Cary and replace Elder Hall as a District leader! :D Doubtful though
Though I will be able to see him at Transfer meeting before he leaves the mission to go back home.

When there are so many great things going on all around you it is so easy to get excited and pumped I guess you could say. And hey, why not? It's great! I love it! But I have been coming to a realization of how it's not just by chance. It is because it is the work of the Lord and the promises that he makes are so true. Being in the service of your fellow man brings so much love and joy. I know that this is the Lord's work and I am so grateful to be out here helping others to come unto Christ. And I am so grateful that this work will never end for any of us, and we can feel this love and joy throughout our whole lives.
Have a blessed week! And don't forget to serve the people around you!
√Člder Johnson

Yo, Armando, Armando jr, Teresa, Guadalupe, Erik, Brother Jester, Elder Rose

Probably one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me! I LOVE THESE MOTHS!

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