Monday, August 11, 2014

English Class

This week was an awesome week! We had all sorts of great things happen, and all sorts of things not happen. That's what happens when it rains. We had sooo much service planned for this week and almost all of it fell through due to rain. But things turned out in the end. One of the great things that happened this last week is that we had an english class! Boy am I grateful to already know English! Trying to teach English is quite complicated and this class we are doing is going to be really stretching for us. I feel like I could teach Spanish with not much problem, but since English never has been my forte, and it just doesn't make sense, I feel so inapt! I can understand a little better now how some hispanics don't learn even after 15-20 years of living here. None of our investigators came to the class, but we had a blast with the four members and us. One family is learning english as their 3rd language. Spanish is their second, and Tarasco is their first. So they have such a hard time! So all yall out their be grateful for the language you speak. It's a huge blessing!

This week we had a lesson with Marisol that went really well. She no longer has a baptismal date for the 16th because she is nervous about being baptized and then not feeling that desire to come back because it's in English. She really wants to be able to understand better. After talking to her about that on tuesday and trying to resolve her concerns, it turns out that she turned down going to the beach with her family so that she could come to church! Halleluiah! She left church too fast to talk so I'll have to tell you next week about her experience.
Teresa is on for the 23rd! I love working with the youth because they are so willing to try and make it fun! At least Teresa is haha.
Jorge is doing great. We missed him at church this week, but he understands the doctrine so well. Simply he needs to understand how to recognize an answer from the spirit to know it's all true. Once we can help him feel/know that, he is ready to be baptized! He understands what he is doing so well! So pray to help him step out and come to church to feel the confirmation of the spirit to his question!
This week I have been studying several things, but the thing that has stuck out to me is love. What is the pure love of Christ? Do we really have the pure love of Christ? Do we limit how much we can love people? I have found sooo many things to work on to truly allow me to love people. All people. And here in Henderson we are surrounded by many great and spacious people. And I love them! And I continue to pray to find an even more unconditional love for them. 

I love yall a lot! Though I have to say that the people here are running a close battle for who I love more! :D
Have an amazing week!

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