Monday, March 16, 2015


Hey y'all!!! So I can't remember if I even mentioned this in my last letter or not, but I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life this past week!! ELI AND DEAN GOT SEALED!!!!!!!!! On Saturday I went to the temple with Elder Tingey to go to Eli and Dean's sealing!! And probably the best part of the whole thing was getting to meet Sophia their daughter who turned one on the 13th! I couldn't believe it. When I baptized her she was pregnant with Sophia! That was the first sealing that I have ever gone to, and it was definitely worth waiting until theirs.
But what I learned most of all in all of this week was what patience really means. The ability to face trials, disappointments, and delays with calm and with hope. Well, we had a ride to the temple until less than twenty four hours before we went to the temple. Who in the world could come to the temple on the spot??? Well thankfully we got one. But in all the craziness in my mind, I realized that the most important thing was to live the Gospel! To have faith, hope, and to act as Christ would have acted. And what do you know. I felt so good! That made such an impression on my life that day, and in the work that we have done here.
We had an amazing lesson with Eleuterio at the church! Sadly he didn't come to church. But we moved his baptismal date to the 18th of April. Pray for him!
Pray as well for Nelson and Caridad. They have a date for the 28th, and they can make it! We just have to teach them!! :D They are a little ways away (30 mins on bike) and we have a hard time setting appointments with them. They are super great though!
I love y'all a ton! Everyone go to the temple! I am so grateful for the wonderful blessing it is to go to the temple!!
(elder maximiliano coca was here :) )
Families are forever! :D
Élder Johnson

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