Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Week!!

Well, this was my first week at the MTC!! I arrived with about 950 other missionaries! The largest group to ever enter the MTC. :D The MTC is so amazing!! And I was definitely not prepared for it haha! I came here ready to feel like I was out in the field! That is not what the MTC is haha! It is so vigorous here! But I love it! Honestly it doesn't feel much different than High School as far as the classes go. But the thing that changes the feeling of the classroom and the learning of the language, is completely based on faith. There is such a strong spirit of faith here. We all have the choice to tap into that spirit though. So many go through the MTC and learn a ton! That is awesome! The most successful missionaries here though, are becoming. They have become a learner. Not just a student. The spirit has the power to enlarge your mind and your understanding. I have definitely seen that with the language! I already loved the language, but now it is soo exciting to be able to learn through the spirit and feel completely able with any part of the language that I need to be learning. That spirit though only comes by pleasing the lord. We can never just take that spirit for granted. The spirit here is so strong, because we are exercising our faith on the smallest things in our day. It is so amazing.

Clint: real quick, what is your room number?? I want to stop by some time and leave a note! :D I am in room 217 in 9m for class, so.... yeah haha.

Family and friends I love you! I pray for you all and I feel your support every day. It is such a blessing to have such amazing friends and family! Mom I am sooo glad for the collection of pictures. They make me sooo happy :D

Oh yeah! my companion's name is Elder Padilla. He's like 6'1" and is super strong. He is such a gentle person though, and it is awesome! We have gotten along really well so far and have been learning great things about missionary work. I'm going to try and attach some pictures of us and our district, so hopefully you can see him. We have a huge district. There are 6 elders and 6 sisters. I love them all! They're so great! I am so grateful to have been assigned as their district leader for the first three weeks. Like I said, well maybe I didn't haha, but we get working and leading right off the bat here. It's awesome! Our zone leaders are awesome! Elder Heyen and Elder Harper are stalwart! I am the youngest of us all! :D I am running out of time, but I love you all! I am doing super well and can't wait to hear from you all!

Yo sé que el evangelio es verdad! El profeta nos ama! Yo sé eso! Nadie puede decir que no es cierto.

Les amo mucho! Todos! Hasta el próximo semana! :D

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