Thursday, June 27, 2013

Missionary Broadcast!!

Well I guess if the subject of this letter is the World Wide Broadcast, I better start out by saying that it was amazing!!! Obviously we were a little bummed that the prophet wasn't there, but oh well. Elder Holland and Elder Bednar were!! You can never go wrong with that! The work is so amazing! I am so grateful to be a part of it!

This last Tuesday, the 25th, we had a devotional with Janice Kapp Perry. Wow. That was awesome! There were two aspects of it that made it awesome. 1, she and her husband are hilarious! oh it was so much fun. 2, we sang, and learned about the incredible power of music. I am so excited for the role that music is going to play in my mission, and in my family after my mission.

Something cool we found out this week is that our district gets the opportunity to CLEAN the temple!!! It's closing, but we still get to go in! I am sooo excited for that! I love the temple! I did my last session this morning for probably a few months. So I am super excited to go in again to clean. They said to bring sneakers, and they are going to provide white work clothes. So yeah! How often to you get to say you cleaned the temple at the MTC!

So when I get out in the field, I know I'll have so much more to talk about. So far the days feel pretty much the same haha. But they most definitely aren't. Every single day I feel an added measure to my testimony. It truly is a sanctifying work. I love it. It can be so hard, but it will always be exactly what I need. I know that I am here right now, in my district, for a very specific reason. That's how God works. He puts us where he needs us. We just have to figure out what he needs from us. The answer to that is always the same. Our will. The desire to follow the spirit, courageously.

Missionaries are some of the wisest people on the earth, because they are the most obedient. That definitely is true. I see so many wise people here. It's such an interesting phenomena to see someone who's been here three weeks longer than me, but they seem so much older and wiser. And that just continues to grow. I am so excited to do all I can to follow God's will. That takes so much practice and time though. It is frustrating at times. But God loves us through it all. His grace is sufficient. We will do it!

I love you all! Thank you so much for your support, friends and family! The work can't be done alone! :) Have a wonderful week!

Elder Johnson

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