Saturday, August 17, 2013


This week was a great week!! I definitely have to say that the highlight of the week was that we received an amazing referral! It is so simple as this: A member was doing whatever she was doing and overheard someone talking about their situation in life and how difficult it is to go through. She approached her and got to know her and told her that she knew of something that could help her. Ask the missionaries! :D I have definitely never been married or separated or any such thing, but hey, we're missionaries! The lesson with her this week was great! Perhaps we had a few members who loved to talk, yet she is super interested. She came to church yesterday with her two kids, and we have two more appointments set up! Plus, she signed up to feed all four of the Spanish missionaries! Oh I am excited for her. Oh and her name is Griselda. But! We cannot take any credit. She has an amazing member missionary. Members are key. It is practically all we talk about! We are working so hard to change the work to align with the broadcast. It's slowly happening, and it is definitely making a difference.

We have really good potential in our area right now. The members are working hard, though they are few. But slowly we are growing. The key is conversion. That is the only way for the church to grow. That is the only way that the world will receive the blessings of the Gospel. And that is what we are trying to figure out how to do with our investigators. They know and believe what we teach is true. But they are not converted to the true faith. Their faith is not leading them to action. It is their belief that it is good. Not their faith in the Atonement. 3 Ne 6:14 describes a true convert really well. They are unshaken and unmovable. They are willing to keep the commandments with all diligence. True conversion requires our will.

Ellie is super close! She'll be getting baptized hopefully on the 24th, but it looks like based on her personality she'll wait to decide till later. She is such a humble person. She has been a great addition to our branch already.

The work is hastening. Baptisms are coming. And the fold is growing. I am so grateful to be here in this branch working with so many wonderful members who are trying their best to catch the wave. They may be clueless about what to do, but they are trying. :) I can't say that I know how to catch the wave, but boy is it fun to try.

I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. He is at the head of this church. God is a god of order and his order is perfect. His order is loving. It makes sense. It all makes sense.

I love you all! I hope you have a perfect week! You've just got to pray for it!
Elder Johnson

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