Monday, April 14, 2014

Awesome week

This week was an awesome week! We had about one of most fun conferences ever! We had what we call our April fun activity zone conference. We did 3 hours of instruction and then 3 hours of playing games! Our mission has grown quite a bit so we were pretty packed on our fields, but we had a blast! It was combined with the Raleigh, Apex, and Durham zones so I was able to see just about all the missionaries that I know here! Elder Sullivan my trainer is "Dying" in a few weeks, so it was fun to get to see him. Though, that was pretty much our whole day, since it takes an hour to get to zone meetings haha. The joys of living in Henderson!

But the true joy of living in Henderson is that we are having some great success! Anthony is still going super strong! We reviewed the baptismal questions with him and he is doing great! He will be getting baptized on the 26th so his family can come. Then what we are doing on that Sunday night is going to a performance of song and testimony by Gladys Knight and her Saints United Voices choir! Alicia, Sonya, Cynthia, and Anthony should all be there! It is going to be an amazing experience! One person in our ward has invited 44 non-members!

This week we were able to set the 17th of May for Alicia, Sonya, and Cynthia! It was so good since earlier they have been a little more hesitant to do so! Pray pray pray that Alicia can find a different job as she tries to come to church!

Another couple we have been working with for the whole time that I have been here is Pedro and Angela. They are slowly progressing and I realized that we simply have not been praying for them enough to be able to know how to move forward with them. Please pray for them :)

One of the greatest things that I learned this week from my different studies is that we truly need to have pure integrity before God. As we strive to have integrity and to be completely true to the covenants that we have made, we change who we are! Without that integrity we don't learn how to incorporate into our very nature the commandments of God. I love the commandments of God, and especially the commandments that he gives to each one of us personally through the spirit!

It is gorgeous over here in North Carolina as the spring rolls in! And the work is continuing on with great joy! I hope that this week goes well for each one of you! Have a great week!


Les quiero
Elder Johnson

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