Monday, April 21, 2014

La Pascua!

Well what a week this has been! The work here in Henderson is continually growing! It is crazy to think about the effects of putting all the small and simple actions together. It all adds up to amazing miracles!
This week was super great because we made some really good progress to clear out some of our not really interested investigators, and focus in on our elect investigators. One new investigator that we have just recently started teaching is named David. David has lived in Henderson all of his life and has worked at a factory for about 18 years. He lives with a less active member Nicasio that we just contacted a few weeks ago! We have had some pretty great lessons with him and we have really been able to talk to him about some of the questions of his soul. He really wants to be baptized and we are working towards the 31st of May! He is american, but speaks spanish. We are super excited to work with him and help him to overcome his struggles! He'll need a lot of prayers to give him the strength to stop drinking!

We found another great family this week as well! Antonio and Kaitlyn are so great! Antonio is catholic and Kaitlyn is christian. She is american and he's from mexico. She speaks spanish though. So many people are like that here! :D When we taught them the first time she had some awesome questions! We taught the restoration, and then right at the end we talked about the three degrees of glory and she said "Thank You!" She was soo excited that there was a church that believed the same way that she had felt her whole life! She accepted baptism the first lesson!

The Hernandez Family is doing really well! The oldest daughter Eliza accepted a baptismal date as well for the 17th of May! We are still working to get them at church instead of the flea market however. :) Anthony has been progressing so well! Sadly it looks like we will be passing him off to missionaries in Kentucky like we did with his brother Brandon. But we know that he will continue to progress there. Especially as he is with Brandon who is super elect.

I am so blessed to be here as a missionary! I have been realizing that more and more. Truly I would not wish to be anywhere else in the world! Where else can you tell everyone God Bless and they will happily shout it back? It is great!

I feel that I have truly been learning about how important the work that we do is. As I have continued studying chapter 2 in preach my gospel, and studying the book of mormon with a strong focus on the attributes of Christ, I have learned more how important it is that we actively seek to be that person! We must make a "rock hard decision" to be a disciple of Christ! Make that decision! Become who the Lord needs you to be! :D

I love you all so much!

√Člder Johnson

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