Monday, June 16, 2014


Well after three transfers together of amazing miracles Elder Swinney is headed out. Boy has it been an amazing time together! It is honestly amazing to look back at the time that I got here in Henderson about 4 months ago and see the difference in each one of us, and especially the area. We had another really great Sunday with 7 Hispanics in our gospel principles class. We started out with none! :D And as we have talked about all of the events that have lead up to people being there, we have realized that each person was there by a miracle. The Lord wanted them there, so he got them there. 

We also had another amazing miracle yesterday! As we were leaving a trailer park to go to another lesson, Elder Swinney saw some people on their porch and said, "Hey let's talk to them!" So we pulled over and got out of the car. One of the first things that we heard as we began to introduce ourselves was, "I'm already a member!" WHAT??? But we thought this house was SUPER catholic!!

It turns out that Antonio just barely got here from Mexico on Wednesday, and is a returned missionary! Wahoo! With the less actives and recent converts now coming to church, we have needed strong members to help them, and Antonio is super strong! We are so excited to get to know him and put him to work! :D
Rene has come four times in a row to church and is doing really well. He has had some great experiences recently to help him stop drinking and feel confident that he can do it. Elder Swinney is really sad that he's not going to be here for his baptism in the future. 

We have run into some troubles with Zulma's boyfriend, and she really does want to keep learning and be baptized, but he has told us that they won't be joining. Please pray for her and that Eusebio can soften his heart!
Marisol is the best! She cares so much about receiving an answer that the church is true. She said to us yesterday that she feels so good and different than she did before and that if it isn't true she would feel so sad.
Now the greatest thing that happened this week was that Elder Corbridge came and instructed us this week! I have never had such an amazing experience! Whenever a general authority comes they usually take about 1hr or 1hr 30mins. But, he instructed us for 4 hrs! All the details that you wish were covered were all covered! Wow! In the end what he was there to instruct us on was "The Most Important Thing." Basically he taught us that when we say that we are on our missions to become better servants of the lord, or to make others happy, or to change peoples lives, he said that we needed to change. Our purpose in short is to teach (help to understand) and baptize (help them make covenant) so that they can receive Eternal Life. Now that is me trying to describe four hours of teaching that I still have not been able to review much. So hopefully you can catch something of what he taught us. 

But we have had some amazing lessons after that, where we were able to help people truly understand what our message is. And what was keeping them back was simply that lack of understanding.
That was definitely the greatest thing that I learned this week. When we understand, with the spirit, conversion takes place.
I hope yall have an amazing week! I love all y'all so much!
√Člder Johnson

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