Monday, June 30, 2014


Hey yall! Life continues on out here in Henderson North Carolina! Sometimes I forget about that when people say that they are taking a vacation. It's always such a bummer! So basically there are so many people that are on summer break, and they don't want to spend it here in Henderson haha. That's a good choice. They'll all be going to Wilmington. But hey, typically the hispanics stay in the area so we've gotten somewhat lucky so far. 
Speaking of which, Brandon and Anthony came back from kentucky a few days ago to spend two weeks of break with the family. They got baptized in Kentucky!! By a different church. :) We talked to Brandon about it and he understands now the difference. It made us super excited though to hear, because it shows that in the past few months they've not forgotten what we've talked about. They really do want to be baptized! So we just have a little bit to explain to them while they are in town to help them out.

This last week we had our first hispanic activity! It was awesome!! There were only a few hispanics there, but there was a lot of food, and we got three investigators there! Rene, Zulma, and Nancy. It was the greatest! Here's a picture...(sorry about the terrible quality. I had no battery left :) )

I'm next to Elder Kerns, a greenie who's amazing! He's being trained by elder Brasier on the left. René is in yellow next to Karina in red. Zulma is in blue. Armando and Guadalupe (hiding next to me) are less actives who have come the past four sundays. Brother Lopez (kneeling) is our ward mission leader. Nancy is with Isis sitting down.
This was actually a historic event! We have the beginnings of a foundation for a spanish group here! :D 
This week we've been discovering more and more trailer parks to visit. It's the greatest! Sometimes when you have been in the same trailer park every day for the past month, you go crazy. Literally :) And in the end, you lose potential. So we've been building up a lot of great potential this week.
Things are going great with our investigators! No huge changes, so I'll tell more next week.
In our mission we are doing what we call the Christlike Attributes Experience. We study one attribute from preach my gospel each week until our interviews in august. It's the greatest! This last week I studied about Hope. In Moroni 7 we learn that Faith, Hope, and Charity are all interconnected. I had never quite gotten though that if we don't have charity for others, then we can't have hope in eternal life. To inherit eternal life we must have charity. So to go about gaining the hope that we need in this life, we must learn to love one another.
It's a simple thought, but it impressed me this week. :)
I love yall so much! You folk are the greatest! :D
Élder Johnson

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