Monday, July 14, 2014

Follow up Follow up Follow up!

I just recently read once again the talk that Elder Ballard gave about following up, and it is absolutely amazing! I have really been trying to focus on that principle this last week, and well really this last transfer. We meet sooo many people on the streets and there are only 24 hours in the day. We cover four counties, and have about 40 miles a day to use. Let's just say that it's difficult to want to follow up with someone when to get to their house it's a 20 mile trip both ways! But following up is soo essential. This week that is what made all the difference! We have been coming up short on finding investigators to teach recently, but this last week we were able to do some great follow up with potential investigators and we found 6 new investigators! I think that they all have great potential and I am excited to work with them!

This week we had a great lesson with Nancy where she accepted baptism 100%! And then to confirm it she came to church!! It was so good to see her there! She didn't quite make sacrament, but we'll work on that haha. We have a lesson with her tonight with a member and recent convert who are super great missionaries. With the testimony that she has now of the church and the Book of Mormon we feel she is ready to change her life by living the commandments. We've still got some time we'll have to work with her, but she's going to make it! :D

We had a great lesson with Marisol as well this week! She is super timid and takes time to get to know, so it is natural that she is really timid about coming to church, even though she really wants to go. We have a church tour set up with her as well this evening with the same two members who are great friendshippers. So we are really hoping to help her out today to feel comfortable with people there.

I wanted to say real quick that what has been super important this week with both Nancy and Marisol is that we have had really great follow up, and it makes so much difference!

Oh on a sad note, Briahn discontinued us. :( That always hurts so much! But we most definitely grew so much from that experience. :)

We had a great lesson as well with the Hernandez crew. Alicia, Sonya, and Cynthia. Alicia let us know that she would go to church every day if it weren't for her husband. She is nervous about him not wanting them to go to church. We are starting out this next week by getting them out to mutual. This has been kind of our last concentrated effort to keep them going, and I think that it will work for them. Patient perseverance is key :)

Are little group is getting up on it's feet and it's really awesome to see! We've maintained our group for over a month now and we are praying we can lay the foundation for continual growth!

Just real quick in follow up with yall, what have you learned in Preach My Gospel what have you been able to share with your friends and family?

I love yall so much! I love the area of Henderson! The people here are so great! Elder Rose is the greatest! And I hope you all have an fantastic week! :D

√Člder "Juanhijo" Johnson


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