Monday, July 21, 2014


I love Henderson! Simply it's the greatest place ever. The culture of Henderson is it's completely own culture. If you don't have chairs on your porch then you don't belong here! This week we had some great experiences contacting people and building up our pool of people to teach. It's amazing when you have been going to the same places for four months straight how you can still find someone else to teach! This is week six, so I'm going to find out whether I am staying here in Henderson or not, but I am about 90% sure that I am going to be staying. I've been here for four already, but it seems like President Bernhisel wants to keep me here another. Which is totally fine! I love it here! And we have great potential here! 

Speaking of potential we had some really great lessons this week. First of all we had a church tour with Marisol which went really well. She is super shy, and she was able to come to the church! She didn't make it out to church though. But we'll get there. 
After the lesson with Marisol though we went to Nancy's house with a recent convert and it was the greatest lesson ever! Brandon, the recent convert, comes from a very catholic family and was almost disowned. Nancy has been feeling more and more sure of herself about baptism, and it's been making her nervous and sad about leaving the family tradition. Brandon was able to help her so much. She wasn't able to make it out to church this last week sadly. But we are super excited to work with her this week to keep progressing!

Sorry today was so short! I love yall so much!

Elder Johnson

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