Monday, July 7, 2014


Happy 7th of July everyone! Oh and happy 4th of July three days ago! I couldn't believe that the fourth of July was already here! And come to find out that so many people were gone! We had the weirdest Sunday because of it, because there were 0 hispanics at church! It was crazy! Elder Rose and I don't know what to do! What else to do than fill in someone's class that they didn't get a sub for haha. 

So for the fourth of July we had a great time. We had a full day of proselyting ready to go, but with the precautions of staying away from iffy situations and such, and then we got a phone call to do some service! I love service! So we changed quickly and got picked up, the four of us, and went to a members home to build a deck! I never really understood how much I love to get outside and work on projects like that. But after a year of not doing it at all I had a blast! We all had a blast! And we all got great sunburns. Ouch. But hey, as missionaries we are deprived of living in the sun. We live in cars and houses! So I have a great tan line of my watch right now, and a huge farmers tan. I love it!

The deck was for Brother Jester's mother, and we were building with all of his sons and sons-in-law. I felt right at home in a house of 25 people not including us! One of the wives actually is family to the Rodriguez family in Cary, so I was so excited to see her and ask her about the area. It's exploding! It's great! Other than that we simply ate dinner and had other items of business to get done.

This week we as well did a service project for the Hernandez family. We came for a lesson, and instead they were upstairs painting. We went and talked for a little and then said, "We'll be back in 20 minutes. We are helping you paint!" They kindly and awkwardly protested, but we went anyways. It was great! I think that it really helped us to keep going with them to recognize their potential to accept the gospel and live it.

Probably the greatest lesson that we taught this week was to Nancy. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and really helped her to understand why Baptism is so important. We helped her to understand why reading the Book of Mormon is so important as well, and that she really can and needs to know through the spirit if these things are true. We are anxious for our next lesson with her to see how she is doing with her reading and seeking that answer.

One of the greatest things that I learned this week was in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel about charity. Charity is a gift from god. And the first and great commandment is to love the Lord thy God. We are able to receive the gift of love and charity for the Lord, from the Lord. That Love for him enables us to greater appreciate the Atonement and what he did for us. We love him more for it. I am praying to deepen my Love for the Lord, so I can love those around me with a more deep understanding of what the Lord has done for them. 

I love the Gospel! I am so grateful that it is the way that we live and that I can keep using it every day to change. I've got a long ways to go so I might as well live it every day to go the furthest I can. 
I love yall so much! You are the greatest!

√Člder Johnson

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