Monday, April 13, 2015

¡¡Elder Nopuedebien!!

Transfers have come and gone and I am now with the Elder that can't well! Elder Cantwell is super fun, and we have been tearing it up together! :D And that's kind of literally. He's popped two tires already, and neither of the bikes are his. So instead he had to use a bike that has been sitting outside of our apartment that was left by our neighbors when they moved. Needless to say it's not the greatest haha. I feel bad for him. But now we're in the car so it's all good. Which is a miracle, since today we had a series of unfortunate events! I failed to get a picture, but we went mountain biking with President Bernhisel today! (Almost) When we were on our way, the bike rack tipped over (a pin popped out) and two of the three bikes fell off, and the third bent the front rim. Well one of those bikes was mine. :( So in one week we have put five bikes out of service!! Mine is in the repair shop right now.
Investigators!! I love these people!!

This week we ALMOST lost Lionel and Felipa. But we prayed a lot, went to the Temple (Man I love that place!), and fasted for them and we were able to work things out to continue to teach them. It broke my heart when Lionel said they wouldn't have time to meet with us. But it was a flooding feeling of relief when we set up twenty minute lessons.

We never got to meet with Eleuterio this week, so we are working hard to get back in touch with him to help him to reach his baptismal date which we will be moving to the beginning of May.

We a two new investigators this week! Well maybe including last week. One is Clay, the husband of a less active. He is awesome, and we are super excited to teach him, especially since we love his wife's family. The other investigator is Angel. He is awesome! He was a strict 7th day Adventist, and he never held his wife's hand till they were married! Holy cow! But when we met with him he was able to recognize the spirit soo well and that it was something he never had felt in his church.

Along with Angel and Clay, we have met some great people that we know will soon be investigating! Miracles happen!

I love y'all a ton! Family and friends! Elder Cantwell and I pray for y'all. Have an amazing week!

Oh, and if you don't have something on you to give to a nonmember such as your personal profile card, then find something and keep it with you! :D Such as mine, or

With much love,
Élder Johnson

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