Monday, April 27, 2015


So I literally had nothing come to mind for what to put as the subject, so I wrote the first thing that I saw! :D
This week was a rollercoaster! It started off with a lot of sports. Preparation day and then the next day our annual activity zone conference. It was great!
Then some tough tough days came. Things just didn't work out for us.
And then miracles. :) The biggest miracles for me this week are that we were able to meet with Felipa and her kids, and Euly. Oh, and then another! We found two new investigators this week named Oscar and Leticia. They are sooo amazing! He is a chef at the hibernian (an irish pub) so he is super busy, but they both love us so much, and we love them more. Her son is mormon, and it has completely changed her. They already want to be members, but just want to learn about what they actually have to do to meet the requirements you could say.
We have super limited time today, so sorry that this is so short!
I love y'all a ton! Everything that I hear about y'all makes me so happy! I'm so glad that y'all are doing so well, and keep on keeping on! :D
With tons of love,
Elder Johnson

All the Spanish missionaries in the northern zones

With the Mission Pres

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