Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to everyone! Well all you mothers I should say. It was super awesome to get to talk to y'all. I am sooooo excited to meet all the kids!! And a sincere apology to Lily for my poor English and lack of ability to understand 3/4 of what she told me. :)
This last week we had miracles! Well that is literally every week haha.
1. We totally ate at an Irish Pub this week. That was a little weird, but it was free! Leticia and Oscar work there, and they invited us. And speaking of them, they came to our 5 de Mayo party! She told us right before that she wasn't going to be able to come anymore, but in the end she and Oscar both showed up! And then she invited her sister! Things like that make our week. The party was a great success.
2. We had two great lessons with Euly and Andres. They went super well! The first one Elder Cantwell (I was on exchanges) got super excited and was headed to the fridge to dump out the beer. Euly didn't take to it, and said he'd just let someone else have it or something like that. Well, the next time we were there we followed up. And he told us that the single beer that he had in the fridge had exploded the next day! The Lord has his ways of making a point haha.
Well, the thing that I pray for more and more each week is that these people can come to church!
I love y'all so much! I know that the Gospel is true! It's changed my life in these two years!
Con muchísimo cariño,
Élder Johnson

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