Friday, July 5, 2013

Real Missionary!

Well another really really fast week has gone by! It is so hard to believe that I am only going to be here for 11 more days! It is amazing to look back on this week and see where I was, and where I am right now. It is a big difference. My companion and I have come leaps and bounds this past week. We would never have been able to make this jump without the first three weeks as well, but something just clicked this week for us. And there is so much more to learn. I am so excited to jump right into the 12 week training program in the field. The spanish is coming along really well. I study about 70% of my personal study in spanish now, and as a district we are speaking a lot more every day. Really the hardest part is just to keep speaking it. But our district made a goal to speak it all the time, unless we couldn't say it in spanish, but we can say about 80% of the day in spanish, so we do now! When you have a goal that you are trying to reach, and you believe you can do it, it is so much fun to try for it! This week I have really been growing in my testimony of the power of a plan and goals. They make every single day so much more effective and every single activity you do more effective. You can show immense faith through your planning. And you will receive inspiration as you take the time to plan and set goals.

One of my favorite things here at the MTC is the tuesday devotional. This week we were able to listen to a talk by brother Matthew O. Richardson. He gave such an amazing talk. He talked about his desires as a young missionary as written in his journal, and being eager in his soul. He talked about being pointed out by a small 6 year old girl asking, "Grandma, is that a real missionary??" I have been thinking a lot about that phrase, and what does it mean to be a real missionary. He talked a lot about that, and how we can always ask ourselves, what would a real missionary do? What would a real husband do? What would a real Father do? What would a real member do? That is definitely going to stay with me.

I am so excited that I have been called as a real missionary! I have been called to be the hero of some six year old girl. And more importantly, I have been called to be a representative of Christ, and to show the world, how real he is, because I am a real missionary. I am so excited to leave in 11 days to go serve the people of NC as a real representative of Christ.

Real quickly I want to share a fourth of July scripture.

Alma 48:11(11-13)

Y era Moroni un hombre fuerte y poderoso, un hombre
de un entendimiento perfecto; sí, un hombre que no se deleitaba
en derramar sangre; un hombre cuya alma se regocijaba en
la libertad e independencia de su país, y en que sus hermanos se libraran
de la servidumbre y la esclavitud;

I love this gospel and I love the light that he grants us in our life. He is always there. His light will fill the entire world. That is going to be such a glorious day. Thank you for your support! I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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