Monday, October 7, 2013


Well as you all know, the highlight of the world's news this last week was that we had General Conference! It is so sad to me that only a small percentage of the world knows that there is a prophet that spoke to the whole world yesterday. If the world were to know that God talks to his children on the earth, there would be an even greater hum of excitement on conference weekend.
What made conference weekend even better than usual, was the fact that we were able to get some of our investigators there!

Magdalena: She was able to come to two sessions of conference. She really liked it! It is crazy how much she has changed since we have gotten to know her. She truly is gaining a testimony of the gospel. The one single thing that she quite hasn't gotten a hold of, is reading! We are working so hard to get her to read! She loves reading too! But when it comes to the Book of Mormon, she has a really hard time. We are working on that. She has a super solid date for the 19th!
Jesus is hanging in there haha. Church is a new thing for him as a 14 year old. He's not super motivated to do a whole lot, but in the end he is willing to do what he needs to. They are hopefully going to go to church so he can take the sacrament this weekend while on vacation!

Mia and Gricelda: So Mia is the daughter of Gricelda. Mia is most likely going to be getting baptized the 19th as well! It all depends on when Gricelda gets back from Mexico after her trip. She is super solid! The youth are so amazing!
Miracle for this week with them was that we had not been in contact with them for a few weeks. We are working on that haha. But as we have worked with their fellowshipper Alejandrina we have been able to get back up with them. Alejandrina will be very involved these next few weeks to help prepare them. She has been a saint! We finally got in contact with them, as Mia and Alejandrina showed up to conference! We knew they would be there, but it was so good to see her. Then in the middle of the session Gricelda showed up!! She said she did not want to go, and wasn't coming! But Oscar the 6 year old convinced her in the end. He and Mia are solid. They are helping their mom so much in the very difficult situation she is in right now with her marriage. Gricelda will follow them soon. She wants to be baptized, but there are things she feels like she needs to do beforehand.

Well that is about it for this week! Conference was absolutely amazing! I loved how much focus they put on the family and missionary work!! I hope you all have an absolutely amazing week! :)

Elder Johnson

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