Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well I don't even remember writing about Magdalena and her baptismal date, but...she got baptized!!! She was on vacation until this last monday, and we were not 100% sure if we were going to be able to put together the interview and make all the arrangements because of an English class that she just started. But hey, that doesn't really matter in the end since she got baptized anyway! The baptism itself was a miracle as well. Magdalena got to the church about 20 minutes early, which is super unusual for the Hispanics here. And then the rest of the people that showed up came at the usual 15-20 minute late mark. So we were there with Magdalena without hardly anyone waiting for quite a while. We got kind of nervous. But people showed up! And the investigators that we were expecting showed up as well! We were definitely blessed to have everything work out. Oh and I forgot to mention that we had a dinner at 5:00 to go to that we somehow made time for and still had time to fill up the font, make the programs, and get everything put in order for the baptism. What an exhausting but amazing experience.

Another miracle of the evening was that we were able to have a lesson with Travis and Erika after the baptism. They are going to get married!!! We don't know exactly when that is going to be able to happen, but soon! We are so excited for them! And Travis holds the Melchizedek priesthood we found out, which makes us even happier that he has decided to come back to activity and make these decisions.

Keep praying for Gricelda and Mia who are still in Mexico and California and won't get back till saturday. Vacations make things difficult. But we are ever so grateful for facebook and the ability to be able to communicate still with them and teach.

A new investigator that we now have is another Erika! She is a friend of a member, and is super golden! She has a baptismal date and we haven't even taught an actual lesson from preach my gospel yet! Sister Damares has been working on her for a while, and it has paid off. Member work is where the true growth in the church happens! We are very excited to get her going towards the 16th of November!

I am so grateful for the opportunities that we have had this week to see so many miracles. Miracles do happen. If you don't believe me then you need to go read Marci's letter about her Windows of Heaven program. When we can show faith that the Lord will lead us to those he has prepared, he will do that. I am very blessed to be able to be a witness of those miracles every day.

I hope that you all have an absolutely fabulous week! And don't forget to thank the Lord for changing seasons! What a blessing!

Elder Johnson

Her smile is contagious!


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