Monday, March 17, 2014

Amazing Week

This week has been an amazing week. I feel like we have been learning so much together in this area to be able to help our investigators truly progress, and as well knowing where to focus our efforts. We doubled the lessons that we have had with members present! And it has made a difference I feel. Our main focus right now is the Hernandez Family. Trying to help get through some really hard times. Octavio who is a friend that lives with them had one of the most amazing experiences! He shared with us yesterday that one night he woke up and began to read in the Book of Mormon. He started where we had told him to read, and then was told in his head by the spirit what pages and chapters to go to. He showed us the paper that he was writing them down on, and they were all right and so inspired! And they weren't what we had left! He has so much potential! If he didn't really like to talk he would have a baptismal date already haha. But we'll be setting that with him the next time that we meet with him. Each individual is at a different point of electness, but will all make it to baptism as they continue and follow the examples from those progressing. The gospel truly does work miracles, and it most definitely changes families.

One of the biggest highlights from this week was that we had Stake Conference! But this was a combined stake conference presided by L Tom Perry on webcast from Salt Lake. Recently he and the area presidency have been doing conferences as far as I understand. We had such a powerful meeting! Before stake conference we were able to have a ward missionary meeting to kick things off to have better coordination and train them on there duties. We came from that, and then heard 4 very amazing talks from general authorities that nailed all of it into place, it went perfectly! Henderson may be a small Podunk town that used to run on cotton factories and plantations, but there is potential here. That's how the Lord works. He works with the one's. He doesn't convert a city, but a congregation of one's. That's a principle that Elder Bednar talked about in England. To save thousands of souls you look for one, who will go get one, who will go get one. Don't ever forget to invite the one's to something that could change their life! :D

Speaking of simple invitations, we just got a phone call from someone who Elder Swinney contacted at the Golden Coral and he set up a time to meet with us! PPIIH! Pray, Prepare, Iniciate conversation, Invite, get them to your Home with the missionaries! :D You don't have to be a missionary to talk to someone at Golden Coral :)

The work is going well, and I expect the miracle that it will pick up as we continue to work hard and especially as we begin to coordinate with our ward missionaries and leaders better. Not to mention that the stake will be getting split most likely, which means closer connection to the stake goals and efforts, which means more progression.

The last thing that I wanted to say was that at the beginning of my mission in the field, President Bernhisel had us start a Book of Mormon experience. We had a specific theme for our studies in the Book of Mormon and marked specific topics. Topics such as the attributes of Christ, his name, his words, the gospel, missionary experiences. After about 8 months of studying like that I finished the Book of Mormon! This was the most amazing experience! And I am about to start it again! I know that our leaders are inspired, and I am amazed as I look back at how the small details of even a study like this has changed my life!

I am so excited for you Caleb! I can imagine that doing that Book of Mormon experience was so powerful! Keep it up! :D

Well, the work moves on! :D Have an amazing week! :D

Les quiero
√Člder Johnson

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