Monday, March 3, 2014

Greatest Place Ever!

Howdy y'all!

Life most definitely does get more interesting as you learn about Henderson. It's the greatest place ever! :D Well it's really just sad, but as another elder said, if you don't take the time to just laugh at Henderson, you'll go depressed. But it is not very hard to laugh when you are working with the greatest people here in Henderson! :D

Henderson is a little southern town that was kept running because of factories that have now been shut down. That was about the only reason people were here. Which means that in all the trailer parks where a lot of black people lived in the old days, hispanics have taken over! I heard one of the greatest statements made to us by a black lady. She told us that when the trailer park was filled with blacks it was a crazy place, but once the hispanics moved in it got really quiet and safe. I love the hispanic culture! :D

This week we had a lot of success! We had 18 lessons! Which is the most this area has seen! It makes me laugh since Marci's goal this week is to teach 40 lessons haha. Boy do we live in different parts of the world. But go get 'em Marci! We are most definitely going to be hitting 20 lessons this week. :)
We have several investigators who are progressing towards baptism! We have a date set for the 29th with one, but he just found out that he will be leaving the state for a year in 3 weeks! We are trying to work as hard as we can to make a strong pass-off to elders in Kentucky so they can finish off the deal and get him friend-shipped there.

The rest of his family is progressing well, but needs to come to church. Pray for them! They are going to be key to strengthen the Spanish work here!

I love y'all a ton! And I hope that you enjoy the cold/warm/windy/snowy month of March! :D

√Člder Johnson

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