Monday, March 10, 2014


Well I am surely gaining a testimony of families! Our mission goal for baptisms is almost 900 for this year, and we are going to reach it by baptizing families. And I have to say that we have one of the greatest families that we are working with right now. We have been progressing very well with the Hernandez family. There are 7 of them, and then a good family friend Octavio, who is so elect! Right now we have a baptismal date with Brandon and Anthony for the 29th of March, but sadly Brandon will be going to Kentucky the week before that. We were able to talk to them both last night though, and that won't be a problem at all. He is going to get to Kentucky and tell the Elders to baptize him! And Anthony is a miracle! The first time that Elder Swinney met with the family, the topic was Anthony being possessed by a devil. We are pretty sure it has been the effects of drugs though. Yet, to see the change that he has had has been astounding! And we have great faith that he will be prepared for his date for the 29th of March. Pray for him! :D

The rest of the family will be following in line as well. The next step of progression will be coming to church.
Well Marci you hit and passed your goal, and we did too! Your example most definitely motivated us to work hard this week! We shot for 20 and got 22! We are looking forward to seeing a lot of change in our ward as well in the next few weeks as we have some training done for our ward missionaries so we can coordinate that work better, and truly replace fear of the work with faith. We all have the ability to make a difference in this work! And it simply requires acting on faith!

President Bernhisel shared this with us today, “fear will be replaced with faith and confidence [as] members and the full-time missionaries kneel in prayer and ask the Lord to bless them with missionary opportunities. Then, we [will] demonstrate our faith and watch for opportunities to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to our Heavenly Father’s children, and surely those opportunities will come. ... [and] they will flow as a natural result of our love for our brothers and sisters. Be [faithful and] positive...It is impossible for us to fail when [missionaries and members] do our best when we are on the Lord’s errand.” -Elder M. Russell Ballard
We have several investigators who are in the beginning stages of investigating, but they all have amazing potential. Please pray for us and being able to always teach with the spirit to truly progress each and every lesson with investigators instead of annoying them! :D

I understand Marci! :D I made the mistake of leaving my bag on the ground where the cat and dogs got to it haha :D

I love y'all a ton! :D

Elder Johnson

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