Monday, March 31, 2014


Well I am officially 19!! But where oh where is my mission call?? I thought that was supposed to come when you turn 19!

Boy does it feel great to be able to say that I am 19! I have been called 15 WAY too many times on my mission! So hopefully the somehow instantaneous affect of passing March the 28th makes me actually look like I'm 19! Or at least like I'm 16 and not 15! :D

I honestly had one of the greatest birthdays ever! And it was simply because I didn't get to focus on me one bit! We had an excellent day doing the same thing we do every day! Serving!

Thank you so much to all who have prayed for me, and especially for our investigators. We have been seeing the progress due to such faith!

This week we were able to see some huge growth in Anthony and his family. We have had little contact with Octavio, but it sounds like he is out of town for the week. Sometimes people like to go on trips without warning us, and then we freak out! But hey, it doesn't change their desires, so we truly need to just be patient. But Alicia, Sonya, Cynthia, and Anthony are planning on coming to conference on Saturday and Sunday! Anthony should be there for most of it, and the others for both the afternoon sessions. Please pray that they will make it! That is sooo huge with them! They are all seeing how huge of changes that Anthony has been having and it is anchored into them that the gospel is true. But, for some reason intellectually knowing that, doesn't do the trick. :) We are working hard to help them have spiritual experiences to answer questions of their soul to have a testimony through the spirit. That's when the commitment to live the commandments comes.

Anthony's day to stop drinking was last Saturday and so far so good! He is a miracle! It was incredible how much the spirit in their home has changed! Their home literally is filled with more light!

We had a great success on Sunday at church! A less active's four sons came to church! :D We have been slowly working to get the desires in them and have taught the kids, and they came to church with their uncle who is Moisés, our recent convert! It was awesome! And they are generally crazy! But...not at church! They were the quietest we have ever seen them! But they didn't just shy away, they were leading everyone else in what the primary did! Ah it was good.

As well we had Jorge at church! I haven't mentioned him before, but he is the husband of a member who has recently decided to check out his wife's church. It's his second time, and we are soo excited to start working with him! He is a super nice person, and it will bless that family's so much to have him there.

One last AWESOME thing! Gladys Knight is coming to Durham with her Saints Unified Voices gospel choir to do an evening of music and testimony. It is going to be amazing!!!!! We are trying sooo hard to get someone to come so we can make the 50 minute trip to be there! But most of all because it is going to be soo powerful. We have a few english potentials that we are looking forward to invite to it!

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and support! Pray hard for our investigators! April is the month of five baptisms if we can reach their needs! And it can even be more!

¡Les quiero bastante!
Élder Johnson

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