Monday, October 20, 2014

Elder Pie (Foot)!

Well the new transfer has come and Elder Foote and I will be here in Wallace for another! It has been a great companionship and I super excited for this next transfer. 

This last week has been a great week. We've had some great opportunities to teach people and to work with the less actives here.

We had a great lesson with Stevie again, this time on the plan of salvation. Specifically the story of Adam and Eve. He's so much fun! He is really accepting the message and understanding it. We are getting ready to invite him to be baptized and to set a specific date with him. We haven't yet just to make sure he can actually comprehend what we are teaching him. 

We taught Bill Buckley again this week! Well more like we ate ice cream again with him haha. But we had somewhat of a breakthrough with him! We asked him about how much of our message does he actually know. He gave us about 30%. He loves asking us how we are doing and what's new, so we had to say that if you don't actually know what we are teaching everybody each day, then you don't actually understand what we do! So we asked if we could share the rest of what we teach, and he accepted! We hope to see some progress from it! Otherwise we will have to let him know finally that an occasional service project is alright, but we can't come by as often. He loves us so much though and considers us as his grandchildren! It's so hard to stop going by someone who loves you so much!

One of our eternigators that we have is Michael. We have been going by to support him through tough trials recently, but the past week and a half we could not find him or get in touch with him. Well as we were going to a dinner appointment, late..., we saw someone on the side of the road in the ditch getting out of the window of his truck. It was Michael!! He had driven a company truck of the road into the ditch and had finally found his way out! What a huge miracle it was that we were the first on the scene! And what a huge miracle it was that we came only a 30 seconds later! If we had not have paused to figure exactly how we were going to get to our next appointment, we would have been the victims of the accident. We were able to help him out to call his boss and they ended up calling the wrecker. Michael was a bit banged up, but okay. What a miracle!

Other than that not much happened :)

My thought for the day, that I have been sharing with people all week because I love it so much and it has changed my vision, is Jeremiah 1:5-8.

"Ah, Lord God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child." 

It is so easy to feel that way when it comes to the work of the Lord. It is such a huge work! But the Lord calls us to do his work and tells us, 

"Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak."

"Say not, I am a child:" I love it! We are all children. No doubt about it. Compared to God, we have the understanding of a child. But the Lord still tells us, "Say not, I am a child." His view of us is so great! He sees us as we can become! If we see ourselves in that way, then we can help others to do the same thing. Realize their potential.

I love yall so much! Thank you for your prayers! :D Have a fantastic week!

Elder Johnson

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