Monday, October 6, 2014


Now that conference is over we are going to use it to teach people so much better! It's amazing how each Conference it applies perfectly to people we teach. We taught a great lesson on currents right after sunday second session, and it went great! It helped our investigator Yuni to understand what our purpose as missionaries is, and how the true and lasting source of the current that will bring her towards the Gospel is the spirit and the scriptures.

Lately we have been talking a lot about how to become more effective teachers through following the example of Christ in our teaching. That includes asking good questions that help people to apply what they learn to their own lives. It invites them to act on their own resolve. One of my favorites is the question that Christ asks to the apostles. "Will ye also go away?" Such a simple question! And when used by someone in our days I can imagine it being used quite manipulatively. But what the Lord did at that moment with his apostles was ask them where there conversion stood. Bold, and loving. 

We also have talked a lot about letting the spirit teach. Boy did conference let the Spirit teach! My favorite talks from conference were those who spoke in their native language. Especially in Spanish! There is a different feel to words being spoken in one's native tongue.

As far as the work is going here we have still not been working very consistently with any specific person. We did have a great lesson with Stevie, a former investigator, and he came to the priesthood session! We look forward to continue teaching him. We have some great potential here, we just need to unleash it and progress forward with it.

The best news from this week though is that Marisol got Baptized!!!!! And Jorge will be getting baptized this next week!!! I will send you pictures that Elder Rose sent me.

My time is out and I've got to run, so here are the pictures and I hope that yall have a fantastic week! :D I love yall!

Elder Johnson

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