Monday, October 13, 2014


This week was a fantastic week! We got to go to the Temple!!!! :D It is such an amazing feeling to go to the temple with other missionaries. The covenants are such a vital part of our calling! We talk a lot about becoming consecrated missionaries and giving our all to the Lord in the missionary field, but it isn't simply the formula for success as a missionary. It is what we promised the Lord that we would do! There is no greater place to learn to do that and to pattern your thoughts and behavior according to the will of the Lord! Am I the perfectly consecrated missionary? I know that I have improvements. :) My motivation to become one grows stronger each week. The scripture that defines the pattern of being a consecrated missionary is one of my favorites.

"Nevertheless they did fast‍ and pray‍ oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility, and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying‍ and the sanctification‍ of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding‍ their hearts unto God." Helaman 3:35

I am so grateful that we have the chance each day to do this through prayer.

We were able to have a great lesson with Yuni about prayer. We have been trying to teach her through the scriptures about authority and then focusing on prayer and that prayer is the way that she can know for sure that Joseph Smith received the authority of the Priesthood. We had a great lesson planned out for it, and then didn't share but five minutes of it. We had just had a great lesson from our leaders about asking questions to discern peoples feelings and doubts so we began to focus on asking her questions. Man we drilled her! But it was such a spiritual experience where she was testifying to us and sharing personal experiences and we were doing the same! And then she told us that she has been praying about baptism again. :D She hasn't been praying about it for a while because she has gotten caught up in learning about the appendages to it. It made us so excited! We are praying for the guidance to know how to keep moving forward with her to be able to receive that answer and to know how to act on it. She needs to get married first and she knows that. But they just quite haven't had the motivation to do so without her decision to be baptized.

Our most promising investigator right now is Stevie. He is awesome! Stevie has some mental issues that affect his processing, but he loves meeting with us! We are helping him to understand the material and most importantly to feel the spirit. The latter isn't very hard. Stevie is so close to the spirit when we are teaching him! It is amazing at how easily he recognizes it and will describe it right to us. We had a great lesson on the Restoration this last week and were able to read with him in the Book of Mormon. His progression will be slower, and he needs to get sundays off of work, but we are so excited to keep working with him.

We found 3 new investigators this week! We met them last week and then followed up with them this week. Their names are Felisha, Dacquan (dayquan), and Raheim (raheem). Felisha is their mom, and is a Minister! The first time we met them was pretty intimidating! But we were able to boldly share our message and leave with them the invitation to read the Book of Mormon to increase their faith in Jesus Christ. She did it! And she loves it! They have said they aren't becoming Mormons though... But they have taken the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and to ask if it is a true book and if is the Word of God. They accepted! And Raheim who wouldn't accept a copy of the Book of Mormon the first visit said, "well, before I didn't want one, but yeah I'll take one now!"

Elder Foote and I discussed whether or not we were going to go back and try and share more since they had told us bluntly they weren't going to join. But we knew that if we had faith, we could share our message and bless their lives! We still have not been able to share with them the message of the Restoration, and that is what we have been called to share with them. We must press on in Faith! Invite them to come even closer to Jesus Christ! We are so excited to teach them now!

I know that this is the true Gosple of Jesus Christ in it's fullness! As we study and search for a witness that Jesus truly is the Christ, we will find it in the pages of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. And with faith in Christ, and hope in the promised blessings of his Atonement, and we do what He invites us to do, we can receive the greatest blessing of Eternal life!

I love yall so much! Have a marvelous week!
Elder Johnson

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