Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This week went super fast. I can hardly believe that I'm here at the computer once again. But here I am!

This week was a really good week of learning for me. I am still not completely adjusted to the work, but I took some major steps this week. One of the things that I did that really helped me progress is that I translated again yesterday for a full talk and about half of the next. That is definitely a test of understanding the language. I have no idea what it would be like to translate from english to spanish though. Eventually I'll get there, but maybe give me a few weeks or more haha.

We had the opportunity to teach some really great lessons this week. One of them was with Gloria. Gloria is really prepared for baptism. She has a great knowledge of the doctrine, and is working hard to stop drinking coffee. Our goal with her is stop drinking by this saturday, and baptism on the 17th of August! She is timid about the baptismal date, but we gave her a blessing to help her quit drinking coffee, and to help her reach the 17th. So if all goes as planned, we should have a baptism on the 17th and the 24th with Ellie! We also have another super great investigator named Judit who is ready for baptism. It has been a really hard struggle though for her to get work off on sundays. She is a super humble woman and deals with really hard circumstances, and really wants to be baptized. I think we made a breakthrough this week by teaching her with sister Foster. She is such an enthusiastic member missionary! I love it! She is going to be a big help to Judit to get her out of her job.

The great thing about missionary work is that you are never alone. You always have the support of your companion. You always have the support and love of the members. You always have the support and excitement of other missionaries, district leaders, zone leaders, and your president. We live out here alone, but we are never alone. Most of all we always have the support of our heavenly father. He loves the missionaries, and he loves the members, and especially loves each non-member as well. It is through each other that we are fortified and strengthened.

One of the things that I have been thinking about a lot since getting out is a phrase, that I can't even remember. But it talks about how without momentum, we aren't being effective enough. So we can do all the right things and be a good person, but without momentum in the work, and really without momentum in our lives, we don't reach our potential. So my challenge for me first of all, and to all reading this letter, is to create momentum. Start rolling the snow ball down the hill. Don't let it stop. Take care of anything that would inhibit your desire to serve the lord and to continue on.

I know that the Lord is with us. I know that he knows us personally. His love for us is infinite and pure.
I love you all so much and hope you all have a really great week!

Open your mouth! :)

Elder Johnson

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